Franchise Process

Are you ready to become part of the automotive industry and wondering how to open an auto franchise? With Lubefx, the steps are straightforward!

What does it take to be a Lubefx® Franchisee?


Opportunities available for growth cross Alberta, Canada. Need help find you the perfect location? Contact us to find the market that’s right for you.


Our best performing franchise owners have some experience running a business. We provide the best training. No automotive experience required.


Qualified candidates should poses a minimum net worth of $100k and a minimum liquidity of $60k. A franchise fee of $35k is required.


Your journey to becoming a Lubefx Franchisee begins right here. Simply complete the quick form on our website indicating your interest, and we’ll be in touch. During our conversation, we will provide more information on our opportunity, answer any questions you may have and discuss what makes the Lubefx brand so unique. Should we agree that our objectives and values are aligned, we’ll progress to the next steps.

Our Franchise Process

1/ Start Your Engine ​

We couldn’t be happier that you’re here! The first step on your franchising ride is filling out our contact form so that we know you’re interested. Our team will be in touch.

2/ Put It Into Drive ​

We want you to meet our dedicated crew! This is a time for us to get to know each other, ask all the questions, and see if you could make a road ready match.

3/ Off to the Races

Now we can take it to the next level! Drive on over to our location so you can see first hand what LubeFX+ is all about.

4/ Check Under the Hood ​

At this point, we’ll want to take care of the due diligence. We will send over our Financial Disclosure Document (FDD) for you to review and sign.

5/ Gearing Up

This is the stage for you to get prepared and gear up for your new location. Apply for any financing you may need and make sure your funds are all in order.

6/ Pedal to the Metal!

Now it’s time to hit the gas! We will send you the Financial Agreement to sign on the dotted line. After the FA, it’s official, welcome to the LubeFX+ family!

7/ Steering You in the Right Direction

We offer local on-site training during the initial start-up as well as ongoing support for all of our franchisees. Our comprehensive and hands-on guidance comes in two phases.

Financial Overview

The initial investment capital required to get your LubeFX+ location up and running is estimated to be between $392,000 to $657,000. This includes start-up costs, marketing, and the initial franchise fee.
Percentage of your gross sales on a monthly basis will be allocated to Royalties
Franchise Fee
Percentage of your gross sales on a monthly basis will be allocated to Local Marketing
Percentage of your gross sales on a monthly basis will be allocated to Corporate Marketing

Get in touch with us to talk about the next steps!

We Are Edmonton’s leading Quick-Lube Service, whether in Quality Service or the lowest price. We Value our customers – and this is why we want them to get a much better service for a fraction less than anywhere else.
LubeFx+ conducts a quarterly Market Price Assessment for automotive retail services in the quick-lube industry – this ensures that our customers are always saving more with each visit.

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