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Express Oil Change Services You Can Trust. The Right Car-Care. We perform a Courtesy 24 Point Maintenance Check with each visit.

Express Oil Change Services that leaves you with a smile.

Why is changing your oil on time essential for your vehicle? When should you be getting an express oil change service for your engine oil? It is necessary to understand the vital keys to help increase your vehicle’s life to keep your engine running in top-notch shape and performance. Keeping your engine oil clean helps your engine’s mechanical parts lubricate, cool, and run smoothly. LubeFx+ recommends changing your oil at an approximate service interval of 5000kms OR every three months, depending on weather conditions, what for and how often you use your vehicle…this is the best way to prevent any contamination and water build-up inside your engine. This is why when you come to LubeFX+ your express oil change appointment is not necessary. Just drive in and let us get to work!

It’s also helpful to know that for regular maintenance tasks like an oil change, your car usually doesn’t need to be serviced at your dealership to keep the warranty valid. Just make sure that your maintenance records get updated.

Synthetic oil change

Synthetic oil helps promote longer engine life and performance by adding a layer of extra protection throughout your vehicle’s engine, doubling the protection you get from conventional lubricants.

What we Include in our Express Oil Change Service:

  • Quality Motor Oil
  • New Oil Filter
  • Under Hood Fluid Top-Ups
  • 24 Point Maintenance Check
  • Lubricate Chassis & Doors
  • Ability to stay in your car, if desired, while the service is performed

It shouldn’t be difficult to find a professional express oil change price. LubeFX+  deals in automotive maintenance can offer the service. The better question might be how fast and convenient do you want the experience? A mechanic at a dealership, for example, might not get to your car for some time, while an oil change chain like LubeFX+ will service your car as soon as you pull in. 

High Mileage Express Oil Change - Coupons

Get your high Mileage express oil change that is designed for vehicles with over 120,000kms. We know that engines over 120,000kms need to be treated differently than engines with lower kms. Why? Because over time, mechanical parts in high mileage engines tend to wear down quicker and require a more focused oil treatment plan than vehicles with fewer kms. That is why we recommend high mileage oil. High Mileage oil is a blend of conventional & synthetic oils with a little more anti-burning, cooling, and cleaning detergents to help promote better protection in engines that have a little more kms.

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